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Connect44FX Alpha 1 released !

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

The first alpha release for the Connect44FX game has been released. It’s a work in progress but you’ll be able to play the connect four game against computer players.

With a twist though : The grid size increases over time and so does the number of coins you should align to win.

Mind you, this game is not a matter winning. It’s a matter of loosing it as late as possible. The game opposes you ad infinitum with ever stronger opponents. The game ends when one of those players beat you. Your final score will be stored into a central location so you can compete with other people playing this game.

The temporary location of the game is Connect44FX. Once it passes into the beta stage it will move to its final location. At that time the game will integrate with your FaceBook account so you can nag your friends as well. 🙂

The project homepage is located at the Google Code Project. Please have a try it and if at all possible report your problems, bugs and remarks in the issues of this project.

The game is written in JavaFX and would require therefore a recent Java Plugin to be installed into your browser. The Java Plugin can be downloaded at Select the “JRE” link and follow the instruction. Let us know if you’re having trouble installing it. We’re certainly interested in feedback about the installation.

Have Fun !

The JFXWorks Team

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